Our comprehensive range of actuators and dampers includes products from leading manufacturers such as Belimo, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Ruskin, Siemens and Trolec. Whether you are looking for actuators with or without a spring return or fire and smoke, we have everything you need in stock in addition to the expertise for all these products.

Our products

We are committed to offer you high-performance products at the cutting edge of technology. Only the major brands are represented at Pro Kontrol in order to guarantee maximum efficiency.

Our services

Our project department offers a wide range of value-added services for you to choose from.

When you entrust a project to Pro Kontrol, you have access to a full range of customized services. Your projects will be in expert hands, carried out diligently, for superior quality results. In addition, Pro Kontrol will archive all your projects in your client file so that you can always retrieve the details of your project as needed.

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No. Although Pro Kontrol can accompany you at all stages of your projects, our team never gets involved in the installation so that we never compete with our customers.

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For all returns, you must first contact our customer service department to obtain an "RMA" return number from us.

In order to obtain this RMA authorization, we require the following information:

  • Original invoice number (Our customer service department can easily help you trace this information two years after your purchase).
  • Nature of the defect or reason for return.
  • Choice of the carrier by which the goods will be sent to us. (Merchandise must be returned postage paid)

For warranty and defective equipment purchased from Pro Kontrol.

The equipment will be tested on arrival at Pro Kontrol. Defective equipment will be replaced or repaired according to the manufacturer's policy. An invoice for the new part and a credit for the defective part will be issued. It is possible that the credit will only be issued after final acceptance by the manufacturer. In this case, the invoice must be paid net 30 days.

For material returned for any other reason, the following scale applies.

  • Standard material usually stocked in large quantities and in its original packaging intact: Returns are accepted free of charge.
  • Material ordered especially for you or for which the quantity returned greatly exceeds the quantity normally kept in stock: You will be charged the manufacturer's take-back fees. However, if the manufacturer refuses to take back the merchandise, we will not be able to take it back.
  • Material with damaged or missing original packaging: No returns will be accepted.
  • Here are a few tips to avoid unpleasant surprises when returning equipment. We make a special effort to inform our customers when you order material that is difficult to refund or non-refundable. This information appears on your order confirmation that you receive for each special order placed at Pro Kontrol. However, keep in mind that if the equipment ordered was not in stock when you ordered it, it may not be refundable. Advise your technicians to handle carefully and keep all packaging and instructions when you think a product may not fit. Check with our staff on the application of your product, maybe we can help you avoid surprises. Notify us as soon as you place your order if there is a risk of a return. Often, we can make special arrangements in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises.

In summary, our policies are the same as those of the manufacturers we represent with the exception that we take back equipment free of charge whenever possible.

This return policy is meant to be fair, we try to do everything possible to make your purchase easier and to offer you new equipment in packaging that will not raise your customer's eyebrows when your technician comes to your home to install it.

N.B.: All returns must be postage paid. We will also return the merchandise under warranty, postage paid. Credit notes are valid for two years and are not redeemable for cash.

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Indeed, it is not always relevant to make the detour but, if one of the following conditions arise, it is better to go to Pro Kontrol in order to save a lot of time and money :

  • To be served faster and be more efficient in your work
  • To ensure that the products are best suited for my application
  • For technical assistance before, during and after purchase.
  • To avoid choosing the wrong equipment
  • Because Pro Kontrol will have it in stock

Pro Kontrol archives all your projects in your client folder so that you can access them at any time.

Yes, it is possible, just ask your representative or customer service directly who will be able to give you a specific quote for the project in question.

Yes, there is a delivery charge.

Pro Kontrol has chosen to be transparent and to invoice shipping if applicable. This avoids penalizing customers who come picking up their products at the branch.

Due to our high daily volume of shipments, we are able to offer you the benefit of our very competitive rates.

Yes and no, it depends on whether you know how to count well...

Yes, our Price are generally cheaper when you take into consideration our entire offer.

Not if you disregard the added value that Pro Kontrol offers you. In this case, it is better for you to buy online!

The assurance that you can focus on serving and creating value for your customers instead of spending valuable time trying to find the right products and tracking your orders.

Pro Kontrol's raison d'être is to provide the best possible service to its customers. This is what has made our reputation.

Our processes are documented to ensure that service delivery is consistent across the organization, while ensuring that each team member has the necessary latitude to ensure your satisfaction.

Yes, constantly

No client should ever contact us for follow-up.

When you place an order with Pro Kontrol, we make sure to give you the normal delivery time for the delivery of each item. We systematically track orders with the manufacturers in order to detect any delays as soon as possible. Two days before the scheduled delivery of your order, we make sure that your merchandise will be delivered within the expected time. In the event of a delay, you will be contacted and you will be able to make different arrangements than originally planned if necessary and reallocate your resources to other work sites.

  • Calculation of valve sizing (Valve Schedule)
  • Workshop valve assembly
  • Suggestions for upgrading and/or improving the products requested
  • We' do the commissioning of VFD'S.
  • We have plastic ball and butterfly valves
  • We do the integration of controls DDC
  • We offer optimization services for control sequences resulting from data analysis performed by robots with artificial intelligence (Data Analytics).

Yes, we offer very generous discount programs to customers who concentrate their purchases at Pro Kontrol. Talk to your representative.

Yes, with our 6 branches from Toronto to Halifax. Pro Kontrol is by far the largest wholesaler in Canada. dedicated exclusively to the controls

in Canada. Pro Kontrol has enjoyed 35 years of uninterrupted growth!